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Yes it’s finally happening, and we have a poster preview.


Good news. Sure i wouldn’t have minded another Yoko book, though i’m sure that’s something that could easily be released in the future. For now i’d rather they focus on Nia, and maybe another character in the future. Who knows, even Darry might get her own book.


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By now i’m pretty sure you’ve all heard the news surrounding ADV, and what will happen to a handful of their soon to be released titles. Well Gurren Lagann was one of them, and the first volume is set to release (this is just going by the release date on a UK site i use, though i’m pretty sure it’s the same on amazon.com), on the 26th February, which is tomorrow. Usually by now the UK sites i order from would have up ‘ready to ship’ where they’re still just saying the release date. I’ve heard from a few people that it’s the same on a selection of American sites.

Things are looking pretty down regarding this release. What do you people think?

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Want another reason to hate ADV?

This trailer is pretty damn awful, though i can get a few lol kicks out of it, like PIGS HAVE FLOWN, and GIRLS WITH GUNS.

Saying that, i do think it’ll do a good job at getting new viewers interested with the series, though that can still be done watching this trailer without audio. Also, thank the lord we didn’t hear any of the dub voices.

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Yes it’s about time, here we have the official Gurren Lagann soundtrack that holds all the music from the series, unlike the past soundtrack release that only had 21 tracks — though going by the track names on this new soundtrack, we’ll be hearing those 21 tracks again.

Also, i’m quite shocked by the release date. February 6th, that’s just around the corner — i was expecting something like two/three months way. I can’t wait for this release.

& you’ve gotta love that cover art.

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HLJ have listed the new Yoko dakimakura pillow for 2,900yen ($26/£12).


Mistake? I sure hope not, though i have preordered. I’ve heard the price has been like this for four days now — quite a long time for such a huge mistake. Let’s see what happens.

By Shiro

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Apologies to Shiro for posting this before his episode review.

There’s a hypothesis going around that each arc of the recently-finished Gurren-Lagann pertains to an era or decade of giant robot animation. I subscribe to this belief in a rather loose manner, seeing as how actual time tends to bleed and blur the borders and that people don’t all of a sudden decide to start thinking differently when a 9 becomes a 0, but the basic layout is this.

Episodes 1-8: The 70s, the original super robot era. (Mazinger Z, Getter Robo)
Episodes 9-15: The 80s, when things got more serious, when characters became deeper. (Gundam, Macross)
Episodes 17-22: The 90s, when perception was changed, things brought into question. (Evangelion)

If this is the case, then the current decade is the basis behind episodes 23-27. However, with nothing for Gainax to “reference” they can only instead try to give their own message, teach their own lesson, show their own influence.

I think what Gainax is trying to say with these final episodes is that giant robot animation, and perhaps animation in general, should not stagnate, should not feel content simply looking to the past or paying reverence to it.

The Anti-Spirals were a race with Spiral who decided to stop their own evolution for the sake of preserving the universe, preserving what already existed. They decide to remain forever unchanging, afraid of what it might do. This is why they lost to Simon and the rest of the Dai-Gurren-Dan. They were able to kick reason to the curb, they were able to pierce the heavens, they were not afraid of change. This is Gainax’s message to everyone, both viewers and creators.

Factor on top of this the Anti-Spiral’s drawing-like appearance, clearly designed to make the viewer aware that it is in fact a drawing.

And yes, I know it seems odd for Gainax to be leaving us this message while they’re redoing Evangelion yet again, but even that’s not over yet. We may very well be seeing the perfect compliment in Renewal of Evangelion for the message given here in the final arc of Gurren-Lagann.

by SDS

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Gurren Lagann episode 26 can be describe in a few ways — lol Gainax, typical Gainax and oh Gainax. You probably know what i’m on about, even if you haven’t seen this weeks episode.


I really don’t need to say anything else, episode 26 says it all.

By Shiro

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