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Out of all the shows i’m watching from the new season, there hasn’t been one foot shot all week (it’s a disaster). So for weeks like this, i’ll go with whatever image i fancy at the time.

A friend pointed me towards this little number. It’s from the upcoming ShinboxSHAFT show, Dance in the Vampire Bund which airs next month.


I really should get around to checking out the manga before this airs, though for now i’m rather happy with Mina’s feet. One sock on the process of being taken off is quite the powerful technique in my books.

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The Soultaker

If you don’t know already, i’m absolutely in-love with ef – a tale of memories, a wonderful series from the new anime season. It’s yet another one of those visual novel adaptations that we’re always seeing — though for me this falls into a different category then just another adaptation, especially when it has the SHAFT/Shinbo Akiyuki touch (before you start thinking it, yes i do know that Shinbo is not the director of ef, he’s the supervisor). Shinbo’s the kind of director that does everything you wouldn’t expect to see, those kind of scenes that are completely insane, though you love each time you see more from his strange mind. If you’re new to the world of Shinbo, make sure you check out some of his past works including; Tsukiyomi Moon Phase, PaniPoni Dash!, Soultaker which i already linked to, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Just hunting down the OP/ED’s for these shows shall give you a taste of Shinbo’s work.

Anyway, the whole ‘reminded of’ is the opening scene to episode five of ef. Instantly while watching this scene, i couldn’t help but remember some of the more darker scenes from Soultaker, especially with the close-up eye shows/colors. If you’ve seen the series, then you’ll know which scenes i’m especially going on about.

So yeah this was a kinda pointless post. I should get around to writing more about ef, though in the mean time hopefully people who don’t understand the Shinbo/truth behind ef will now look at the show under a different light.

By Shiro

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