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& here we have wonderful pictures from said calendar.

The front cover is decent, and we yet again see how Sheryl’s bust can easily change size.

Sheryl in a kimono is one very lovely sight. Yes Alto you’re also looking good, though this isn’t the first time for you.

This is the first “awwww” image from the calendar. It’s also nice to see more Cathy.

The second “awwww” image. Seriously this is just beautiful. Shame it doesn’t show Klan wedding dress in her macronized form.

A very nice summer piece, though that Alto ball is rather strange and distracting.

I guess Brera had to appear eventually, along with the paper aeroplane.

Such a lovely image, and does a good job at the Christmas theme. Ranka still looks strange with lipstick on, and Michael looks so much like Max with that tuxedo on.

& CDJapan being awesome, added a few magazines to the order. One of them having a brilliant Macross Frontier cover, and features an article on the live performance.

Overall i’d give this calendar a 8/10. I’m pleased with the new images, plus it’s a decent size compared to the calendars i usually get. I’ll be happy spending my time with it for the next year.

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For all you people who just can’t wait for the official release.

Listened to it a few times, and i loving it more after each listen. Also has a pretty strong Aquarion feel (when Yoko Kanno worked with AKINO).

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