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(& i guess Sunrise being the production company behind the show helps.)

Here we have the start of episode 189 of Gintama.


Notice how he looks just like Kai Shiden from the original Mobile Suit Gundam TV Series? This character was also a freelance journalist (which Kai was in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam), and was voiced by Toshi Furukawa, who also voiced Kai in the original series. Also to note, the man this character met up with to talk about the past war was voiced by the Narrator for the original Gundam series, Ichiro Nagai.

Well that’s not all. The story of the past began, and it didn’t take long for this scene to happen.







& we find out at the end that it was the staff that was behind it all. Pure genius Gintama, at it again.

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& it was forced on our male lead, Setsuna.


I don’t know what’s more fun.. the kiss, or Setsuna’s reaction (pushes her away with his fist).

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Over the past few days i’ve watched the first ten episodes of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and already i can easily see how this series is classed as the best Gundam series by far, even one of the greatest shows of all time. The character development, ohmygod the character development — everything that takes place in this series (at the moment deaths being the main one) always mean something, they don’t just happen for the sake of it — they’re building up the characters for the future of the series. This especially works with the main character, Kamille. At the moment i’m loving his character a lot, and that ‘i take don’t crap from no one’ attitude. It’s only been 10 episodes, and he keeps changing after every situation in this series. Also i must point out, and thank Bandai for this 10 episodes per volume release. It’s absolutely wonderful, and shame this doesn’t happen to most 50 episode shows.

I guess i should also point out that i’ve lost count on the amount of slaps/punches that are thrown around in this series. I love it.


Char.. oh i mean Quattro is still, and forever will be the man. I shall own a pair of those shades one day, i promise you all.

By Shiro

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Yes, the hottest pose ever:


Hopefully you’re not all surprised about this picture. Anyway i wish you all a Merry Christmas. My next post may be Cagalli related, you’ll just have to wait and see!

By Shiro

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Yes it’s another Cagalli post, and this probably won’t be the last. Wet haired Cagalli is a lovely treat, though now i want to talk about a part of her we see all the time — two of her outfits. I’ll say it now, i can’t choose between the two — At the end of the day i’m going to say “i love Cagalli in both outfits”, because they both work with her oh so lovely tomboy image. It’s always nice to see a character you love so much dress up differently at times, you’re able to see another form of them, more reason to ‘fanboy’ over that selected character.

1) Casual clothing
(You gotta love how i captured the shot that shows her slap mark <3)

The casual outfit is what we see her most in, her main one. Red shirt, the lovely clothes, and casual pants that allow her to show of that lovely arse. Sometimes you can see her with the out-door jacket (which i like to call it) during her sand adventure (you’ll find images of that in the wet haired post). I guess whenever i think of Cagalli this is the outfit that first appears in my mind first. Not saying it’s my favourite, i can’t possibly say i have one, though we do see Cagalli in casual clothing most of the time, so it’s rather expected i’d say.

2) Uniform

Seeing Cagalli in uniform is another beautiful side to her, one that i do love very much. I guess you could say she has that ‘higher status’ aura around her, even though she’s the same beauty at heart.

These two aren’t my favourite Cagalli outfits, i love them all. No way in hell i’m going to forget about her dress-up princess and first appearance where she looks amazingly hot in that hat. Seeing as though i’ve mentioned part 1, i’ll probably post more about Cagalli’s wardrobe at a later date. She looks far to hot in that hat not to talk (post images) about. Or maybe i’ll find something else about Cagalli to talk about.. of course i can, so don’t be that surprise if it happens.

By Shiro

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I’ve been rewatching some Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, and yet again i’m going crazy over wet haired Cagalli. I love Cagalli, easily my favourite character from the show, heck even one of my all time favourite characters. Seeing her with wet hair makes me all the more ❤ for her.





So yeah, i wish Sunrise would hurry up and release a ‘SEED female characters play around in the rain’ OVA.

By Shiro.

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By Shiro

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Youtube teaser trailer

Kouga Yun’s original character designs are shinning nice and brightly in the trailer — that was the one piece of information that was given back when news of a new Gundam series was announced, and that it’ll air this October. Kouga Yun is most known for Loveless , a Shonen-ai (boy-love) manga series. Knowing that, i’m sure you can understand why many Gundam fans aren’t to happy with the character design choice — especially after the female fanbase Gundam Wing had. If you know me, then you’ll already know that i’m a Kouga Yun fan, and look forward to seeing how her style works for the Gundam franchise. Her being a Gundam fan is also a wonderful bonus — i’ll post some of her fanart this week.

For information on the story, you can check the recent post, over at ANN (Info’ on story, and the main characters which you can see in the trailer). You also must check out the official site for the series, which i’m sure shall have added information in time.

Now starts the wait to find out who’ll be doing the musical score.

By Shiro

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Before i start, i’d just like to apologize about there being no updates from me. I came down with a pretty bad cold over the past week, so i spent most of my time in bed watching a lovely bunch of goodies that arrived at my door. One of them being the newly released first Turn A Gundam set (out of two). I thought it would be a good idea to post some images of the wonderful set.

Box Art


The set features the first 24 episodes out of 50, crossed over six disc’s. Within the box-set, are two fold out boxes, that hold the disc’s. This is where you’ll find new artwork, a lovely treat to all Turn A Gundam fans, who know not a lot of artwork exists for the series. I apologize if some of the next collection of images didn’t come out good enough, i haven’t used a camera since my college days.

First part cover
Turn A on the attack!

Run Sochie run~

Inside first part
If only Loran would wear that hat more.

Laura X Harry Ord, god i love that bee-suit.

Dianna taking care of tired Loran.

When i first heard about the set idea, i never thought i’d be getting this wonderful amount of artwork.

Second part cover

The Borjarnon have arrived to safe the day! (Welcome back Zaku)

Inside second part
Gavane Gooney.. what a guy.

Kihel & Dianna, can you tell them apart?


It also comes with the traditional booklet.


I hope you enjoyed this Turn A Gundam post. Now i go back to watching that wacky Earth vs Moon series.

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