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Out of all the shows i’m watching from the new season, there hasn’t been one foot shot all week (it’s a disaster). So for weeks like this, i’ll go with whatever image i fancy at the time.

A friend pointed me towards this little number. It’s from the upcoming ShinboxSHAFT show, Dance in the Vampire Bund which airs next month.


I really should get around to checking out the manga before this airs, though for now i’m rather happy with Mina’s feet. One sock on the process of being taken off is quite the powerful technique in my books.


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Why didn’t i watch this show sooner?

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Yeah i’ve decided to blog again, though only because the large amount of people who keep telling me that i should carry on my weekly feet blog haven’t gotten to me quite a bit. Plus i do admit that it was fun while it lasted, and i’d like to see how long i could make it last. I may talk about a topic that isn’t feet related, though we’ll see if that happens or not.

I finally got around to starting Basquash this morning, and it was quite the nice surprise to see a lovely scene featuring Sela in a outdoor bath. Of course, a shot of her stunning feet was included. I guess it does help that she has pretty nice looking legs as well.


I hope i get to see Miyuki’s feet at one point. Oh, and Coco’s as well.

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I marathoned Toshokan Sensou over the past few days, and Shibasaki turned out to be quite the character. I’m glad i was treated to a lovely shot of her feet.


Mmm, tiptoeing.

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There’s nothing like a good pair of sassy feet from Michiko to Hatchin, episode four.



I quite like the slim characters designs we’ve been seeing in this show, so it’s about time a good foot shot appeared. The scene following that foot shot shows some good foot control.

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Now this is what i call a foot scene. Not just a quick camera shot of a foot, actually close up and.. you’ll know the rest if you’ve seen the episode. This weeks foot is from episode 04 of Chaos;Head.




That last shot is a close up killer. Beautiful.

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Whoever worked on episode 29 of Soul Eater must have one hell of a foot fetish, because you don’t focus three times on such lovely feet shots, and two of them have toe moving action.




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