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The title explains it all, this episode was fantastic. Just when i thought i have seen everything possible in the TV series, we get an episode like this in the OVA’s.


It’s not true love until you’re able to say that.

This is the line that really cracked me up.

I rather do like how both Madoka and Hikaru both ended up in a competition to see who could catch the Kyosuke-fish first. It’s a nice little nod at the love triangle side of the series. Also i’ve been saying that Furuya Tohru truly does make Kyosuke all the more awesome, and i believe that even more after hearing him voice a fish.


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This weeks episode of Casshern Sins was an all around beautiful experience, and today i plan to talk about just one of the reasons that made this episode what it is — the unbelievably amazing scenery in this episode. The background shots in this episode really capture the loneliness aspect that the life of female character of the week Nica has been living during her time in this underground sanctuary. Here are shots of the talked about scenery (shame about the size, though it’s the only way i can fit the full image on this page).












Such beautiful pieces of art, seriously. I noticed a few of these shots in last weeks preview, and knew straight away that we’d be in for a treat, though i never expected just how much i’d be in awe during this episode. I had to watch this episode twice yesterday because i just couldn’t focus on the dialogue at all (not that there’s much anyway).

With the story being set in an barren and dark dystopian world, i say it’s about we’re given such scenery that’s able to express the state that the world is in at the moment.. I mean sure we’ve been having the episodic stories that do just that each week, though the locations (apart from a few) have just shown wastelands of complete nothingness.

I truly do hope we see more scenery like this in future episodes. There is just so much they could show in this series.

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Toradora’s on a roll

Toradora really is a great show. Each week it just seems to please with a wonderful level of humor and some great character development/drama scenes when needed — episode 09 was no exception. It’s kinda like they pushed the level of humor we’ve been seeing so far to a whole new level in this episode. Plenty of hilarious scenes this week, so let’s take a little look at them shall we.


Minorin truly does steal the show most of the time in terms of humor, though that doesn’t mean Yuusaku can’t have his moments. He can be quite the odd guy sometimes.


Might as well have everyone join in while they wait for Ami to arrive. It’s quite funny how all four members are the right size for this.


Ami’s “Taiga hasn’t turned up” made me laugh quite a bit, because it’s something only she would do. I’m rather small in height, so i know how Taiga feels. I had the same joke pulled on me plenty of times.


Yet another ‘very Ami scene’. Tricking Ryuuji by pretending to be in the shower. I think what made these scene rather funny is that i wasnt expected Ami to not actually be in the shower, when i should have.


Taiga’s going into detail about Ami in the show was comedy cold — especially with the hand expressions.


I mentioned a minute ago that Yuusaku has his moments, and this was one of them. It just tells you easily the type on odd-ball that he is — walking around the house butt naked because he heared Ryuuji’s voice. I don’t even want to think about that reason anymore. Minorins reaction to seeing Yuusaku’s ‘manly part’ was pretty funny.


The gangs reaction to Ryuuji’s super spicey curry was pretty legendary. Being quite the curry fan myself, i’d love to give it a try.


Last few scenes of the episode as usual were pretty drama-filled. I’m just using this as an excuse so i can look at Taiga’s feet. Damn you Ryuuji — you lucky lucky man.

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During my marathon of Kimagure Orange Road, i was surprised when i came across Episode 40 which aired as a special episode for new year back in 1987. As i noticed by the preview for this episode, it turned out to be a parody using plenty of themes that have come from the Godzilla movies over the years, and including a few scenes from the 1964 movie, Mothra vs Godzilla. The reason why i’m talking about this is because i’ve been a huge Godzilla fan all my life, and i just loved how well this was all put together.

The best part about this episode was the fact that it used pieces of music from Mothra vs Godzilla, composed by the man himself, Akira Ifukube. I was very surprised to hear the legendary ‘The Appearance of Godzilla’ piece at the start, though even more surprised that they did their own version of the Mothra song, with Kurumi and Manami playing the roles of the Shojobin girls.

The original Shojobin girls.

KOR’s version.

It’s a shame we don’t see more parody episodes done like this. So very unexpected, but boy did it make this Godzilla fan’s day.

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There’s nothing like a good pair of sassy feet from Michiko to Hatchin, episode four.



I quite like the slim characters designs we’ve been seeing in this show, so it’s about time a good foot shot appeared. The scene following that foot shot shows some good foot control.

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Now this is what i call a foot scene. Not just a quick camera shot of a foot, actually close up and.. you’ll know the rest if you’ve seen the episode. This weeks foot is from episode 04 of Chaos;Head.




That last shot is a close up killer. Beautiful.

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