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This weeks feet were a nice surprise. I wasn’t expected for such a nice close up, and it works a lot nicer when the scenes last 1 second+.


Sawada Mio from To Love Ru, episode 25. A lovely shot, especially for that wonderful pose. There’s a lot more pairs of feet i’d wanna see from the characters in this show, though with only one episode left i can’t see that happening. Ah well.

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I know that i haven’t wrote anything in quite a while, though maybe posting about something i love will get me back into it.

So i’ll start the Shiro’s feet of the week. I’ll try to go with feet that have been shown in new episodes, though if there’s nothing i’ll just have to go with feet from the past.


This week i just have to go with Haru’s feet from Xam’d – Lost Memories, episode 10. This is the first time we’ve seen her feet up-close, and what a first time it is! Lovely shower scene.

Let’s see if i end up writing about anything else in coming weeks.

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