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It’s only an extra episode, but still more of this show is going to kill my mind. Though now i’ve seen the screenshots for the upcoming episode 26, it looks to be pretty damn fun. & over everything else, it’ll include Garnet in a school uniform — Lucky~

http://www.dragonaut.com/episode/26.html – Screenshots can be found here. There’s also a trailer in the video section.

I’m looking forward to it. Yes i can’t believe i said that about this show.

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You know, that awesome scene (OH GOD, OH GOD) that i can’t show screenshots of.

I love this show.

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Let’s get straight down to business, Detroit Metal City is a show you have to see for yourself, to truly believe anything i’m about to say about it. I’ve never seen anything before where the world ‘Rape’ was mentioned more then any other word in the first episode. It’s madness.

You have a basic story really, Negishi who wants to make it big in the music word (with his songs about love and peace), for some reason ends up as the lead man in a death metal group called Detroit Metal City. It’s unclear at the moment how he came to be in this position, though i’m sure it won’t take long until we find out. I’ve been meaning to check out the original manga version for quite sometime now, though i’m glad i used the anime as my first experience for this bat crazy series. It really is one of a kind, and who better then the glorious Studio 4°C for animation production. Seriously if you end up complaining about the animation quality, or fake camera pans, then you need to stop while you’re ahead.

Also while you’re at it, check out what this man has to say about the series. His impression is along the same lines as mine.

So yeah check out the first episode. It’s only 7 minutes long, and you’ll be thanking me at the end of it!

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Before i start, i’d like to apologise about the lack of updates on my blog. I’ve been having some PC problems as of late, so that didn’t help finally getting around to writing this review.

This is not going to come as a surprise (me being Mr. Sunshine and all), though i don’t think i’m ever going to be this impressed with a series like i am with Revolutionary Girl Utena. Watching the last saga in one go was defiantly the right choice to make. I won’t go into the detail regarding the last saga, because i know there are going to be people who i’ve talked to about the series, and plan to check it out pretty soon, so i’ll stay away from any spoilers. I just want to express why i have so much love for this one of a kind series.


If you’ve read some of my past Utena posts, then you know i’m in total love for what i like to call, artistic randomness. An example, you have a baseball game being played around the Student Council members while they’re talking. I do believe that there’s a meaning behind everything we see in the series, though from what i’ve read, director Ikuhara Kunihiko likes to leave interpretation of his works open to the audience. Among a lot of aspects in the show, they play such an important part which makes the show a one of a kind experience. Sexual themes also play a huge part in what makes this show one of a kind, i mean they’re just so powerful in the series, especially the last two arcs.


The character interaction is another part that makes this show stand out. Some of the conversations in this series blew me away. Sure what was taking place at the time of the conversations played a huge part in this, but that just goes to show how well Kunihiko can handle his creations. Utena was an absolute charm to see develop as a young lady. Yet again i won’t say to much because of spoilers, though i’m sure none-viewers would even know what the hell i’m on about. Touga, the simply amazing over the top character has to be one of my favorite parts of the series. A few people i talked to about this series before i started to watch it said the same thing, and that goes to show how well they knew me. His development as a hardcore playboy just left me in awe each time he appeared on screen. His last important role in the final arc yet again shows Kunihiko as the master writer and planner. For the hardcore pimp Touga was, it was the perfect piece to end his time in the series — his decision was so beautiful. I’m going on a bit here so i’ll stop, though this wouldn’t be a talk about characters from this series without mentioning Aiko — the character i’m sure was modelled from Kunihiko’s dressing style. Aiko was a man who knew how to control the ladies, and win the hearts of many with his wonderful car.

I just have to talk about the musical score. I’ve been a huge fan of Shinkichi Mitsumune (i wrote a blog post about him a while ago) works for a long time now, so it was no surprise that i fell in-love with this score straight away. There are so many beautiful pieces here that blew me away even though i’ve been listening to his works for such a long time. I didn’t think Mitsumune was capable of such pieces of music, i mean sure he’s a very talented composer, one of my favorites though this score has changed my overall opinion on him, and rose it to the skies.


As for the duel themes by J. A. Seazer, well i’d never heard such music before, and straight away i was blown away. Now you can catch me listening to his works for Utena most of the time during the week. As the show progresses, so did the duel themes — starting out as pretty fast beat tracks to accompany the duels, though as the duels became more serious and personal, so did the themes. They changed to more slow yet powerful tracks — especially the last track used in the final episode (titled Missing Link). It’s almost impossible to get a hold of his works before the series, though that makes me all the more happy that the seventh album for Utena in all new pieces from J.A._Seazer that aren’t in the series. A wonderful treat indeed, and one of my favorite albums to date.

I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, Revolutionary Girl Utena is a series like none other, and the experience i had while watching it was just the same. I wanna share that experience, so i hope people will give this masterpiece a try.

I’ll be back to blogging a few times a week. A plan to write a piece about the movie — hopefully it won’t take a month for me to publish.

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