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Raikou’s (from Nabari no Ou) has the best fashion sense ever, i don’t care what you people say. I just love that hat.

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I wasn’t really expecting this, though Moonphase has been updated today, with the news of a second ef series. There’s enough game material for another series, though i always had it in my head that ef – a tale of memories was all we were going to see from animated ef, so this has taken me as quite a shock. tale of memories was easily one of the best shows from last year, and it’s one i’d rank as a personal favorite, so more is very much welcome. SHAFT are behind the animation yet again, along with the same team (meaning more beautiful tenmon music <3).

Wonderful news. I hope you people are just as happy as i am about this.

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It’s a 30 minute Robot on Robots action set in a desert location with a hot blonde. Need i say more?


Reading a summary on this, and your first thoughts are going to be “how the hell does this work in 30 minutes?” Well i was thinking that also, and to my surprise it worked better then expected. The interaction scenes between Shaian (the robot) and Ikuuru (the hot blonde) are short, though in that small about of time the two bond together as though they’ve been partners for many years. It does help that Ikuuru has such an easy going look on life, ready for anything.

The real treat here is the visual design, which is unlike anything i’ve ever seen before. They bring Makoto Kobayashi’s mechanical designs to life — from planes, to Shaian himself. It really is a shame he never did more of it, because it’s such an amazing production you just want more then 30 minutes. Saying that, i’d love to check out the original manga, though i’m pretty sure that’ll be damn possible these days.

If it turns out you don’t like it then you’re only wasting 30 minutes of your time, though with how perfect the OVA does at telling the story at hand, i don’t think you’ll be having those thoughts. It’s classic 80s mecha action — the fight scenes are short, but oh boy do they deliver. Do yourself a favor, and check out this 80s classic.

Also i’d like to thank destroy tokyo for the review that won me other, i just had to check it out as soon as possible.

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There’s plenty to enjoy in Revoltionary Girl Utena, and one of them are the crazy antics of the two Shadow girls, A-ko & B-ko. They spend at least 30+ seconds each episode commentating about the events that are taking place in that episode in symbolic allegory. If you’re new to Utena, then you can probably tell from the image that the main source of influence is shadow puppetry.

Each episode you have no idea what you’re going to expect from the two. Of course it’s somehow going to be linked to the episode, but even so that won’t help trying to work out what the two will be on about this time. It’s like one episode A-ko is shooting apples off B-ko’s head with a bow and arrow. I won’t spoil how it’s connected to that episode, though it takes a great mind to link such take on things together. It’s good to spend a little time after watching an episode, or even pause after their scenes, and try and work out the connection.

It’s scenes like this that make me wish this show would never end. I don’t know if they’d have the same effect during a rewatch (take away the working out what they mean), though it is something i’d like to find out once i eventually work on collecting the DVD’s.

Now that C-ko has arrived in the second arc, i can only imagine that the crazy level of these scenes is bound to increase by a hell of a lot.

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