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By the end of this series, Touga could very well by the best Koyasu voiced character ever.

I’m at episode 10. Plan to write a bit about what i’ve seen after the end of the first arc.

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Yes it’s finally happening, and we have a poster preview.


Good news. Sure i wouldn’t have minded another Yoko book, though i’m sure that’s something that could easily be released in the future. For now i’d rather they focus on Nia, and maybe another character in the future. Who knows, even Darry might get her own book.

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For some time now i’ve been meaning to check out Revolutionary Girl Utena. I’ve been hoping that we’d see some kind of R1 re-release for this series, though it’s come to that point where i can’t wait anymore. I’ve heard far to many “Shiro you’d love this!” & “Shiro this is the one show for you”, so i’ve broken down and going about watching it the only way i can do. Yes you know what i mean.


I’ve only just finished the first episode, and wow that was something special. Stepping into the mind of someone who’s watching this while it was airing in 1996, and yes you have something completey different on your hands. That’s the way i like to look at it, because these days you can’t get away with saying that thanks to a few certain shows from the past 5/6 years. For starters the OP did the best job possible at preparing me for what i was in for — then onto a rather stylish and mind blowing first episode. The OP doesn’t show the style that i’m on about, though if anyone who’s seen the series before and reading this, then they’d know i’ts just one you can’t really describe in just a few lines. I wouldn’t mind writing a piece on the style alone, though i’ll leave that until i’ve seen more of the show.

So, favorite points so far:

-Wonderful Utena is wonderful. She’s one damn amazing character to say the least.
-Oh god Takehito Koyasu. If you know me then you know he’s one of my favorite seiyuu’s, and just from one of his lines already (the title of this post), i can see i’m in for a treat.
-The music, jesus christ the music. Easily one of the large parts of the ‘mind blowing’ factor from the first episode.

I just know i’m going to enjoy this show like none other. An experience i can’t wait to complete.

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a Soul Eater post


Four episodes in, and i can official say i’m really enjoying Soul Eater to it’s fullest. I wouldn’t just say it’s the usual “oh i’m loving this”, it’s much more like one of those special cases, like oh say TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN. The first episode of Gurren Lagann (which aired last April) was a nice fresh taste that reminds you there’s still shows that can blow your mind away, and keep doing that until the end of the series. I believe by the time Soul Eater has ended (52 episodes in total), i’ll be saying the same thing.

When watching a show that’s being adaptated from a still running manga series, you just know you’ll be seeing anime original material at some point down the line. Like with D.Gray-man, they did a good job with the original material, mixing it in with manga material. That’s done a lot these days, so it’ll probably happen again with Soul Eater, though what does have me worried (along with D.Gray-man) is what they’ll do with the ending. Original ending material can be done right sometimes, though you have those odd few times where you just want to scream out loud in anger (yes i’m talking about Claymore). I won’t judge Soul Eater’s original material until we actually see some of it, though i have high hopes that it’ll be done right, going by what we’ve seen from the new material in the past four episodes.

I’ve only read the prologue chapters from the manga (the first three episodes of the anime), though i now find myself a lot more curious to read what’s been released. I didn’t read anymore after the three because i love what Bones are doing with this show — from the while color usage, and mind blowing action you just don’t get in the manga. Also it’s one of those shows you’re going to enjoy a lot more when everything is knew to you. I’ve heard the same said by manga readers, thouhg they still mention how the show can blow their minds away because of how well it’s being presented. I have nothing to worry, so expect a post regarding my thoughts on the manga after i’ve caught up.

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