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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki is the new enjoyable high speed series. You better not blink at all while watching this one, ’cause you’re sure to miss something important (everything that happens in this show is important). Thousands of years ago, Enka the god of destruction was destroyed, with it’s last words being “my child will destroy the world”. Here we are in present day, and there’s more then one child. Because of that we have ‘Operation Peaceful Family’, a mission given to Oka (Father), to teach them about the love of a family, and to find out the true child of Enka.

So the family members apart from Oka, turn out to be complete madness. Seeing as though i’ll be spending the next few months with this family (and so shall you people, hopefully), i’ll introduce them to you.

Oka – Father (Normal)

Kyoka – Mother (She’s madness)

Yuka – Eldest daughter (She’s 7 years old)

Gekka – Youngest daughter (IT’S A DAMN JELLYFISH)

Teika – Second oldest brother (IT’S A DAMN LION that talks)

Hyoka – Youngest son (IT’S A DAMN BIOLOGICAL WEAPON)

Ginka – Eldest son (has a gender identity disorder)

Going by the OP, there’s one more family member to be introduced. She looks normal, though in this show looks can be deceiving.

So who’s your favorite family member?


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No not that Haruhi, this Haruhi.

Over the past week or so i’ve been rewatching Ouran High School Host Club. You could say it’s thanks to being in a good old BONES mood since i ordered a few more Eureka Seven DVD’s the other week, and the new BONES shows which started to air last week, Soul Eater (also just so you know, Ouran & Soul Eater are directed by the same man, Igarashi Takuya.) I’v always viewed Haruhi as one of my all time characters — she’s adorable, has the perfect seiyuu behind her, and within the series, not only plays a huge part in the surrounding character’s development, her own is done perfectly with the aid of the cast around her. Along with the AMAZING comedy, it makes the show such a pleasure to watch, and plenty of reasons as to why i’d class Haruhi up there along with Saber as my favorite character of all time — you know that list everyone loves to think about.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite forms of Haruhi. Out for some last minute shopping Haruhi (i have a title for everytime she’s wearing something different).


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Do it.


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Kanokon is the show for you

If you’re in the mood for ecchi done the way it should be done, then Kanokon is the show for you.


Around four minutes into it, you’re gonna be thinking the boobs are there for show, though by the end of the episode it’s something i believe that was done right. Sometimes ecchi can be done in a way where it’s just forced onto you — so much that you can’t even enjoy what should be enjoyable, though Kanokon does the job right (i guess it does help when the character designs are that hot), making you feel naughty for watching this, though doing the job it’s supposed to do at the same time. So what do we get? Well, from boobs, boobs, hot kissing, boobs, almost naught time/leading upto naughty time, and naked body. It’s probably what Popotan would have been like if the females were more interested in males. As for the story — big boobed Chizuru loves our main character Kouta (shouta), in the end he finds out she’s a fox spirit. Oh yeah she loves him very much. It’s also has a classic Chiwa Saito character, so it’s not always focused on the porn side.

There’s a large number of shows airing this April as usual, and i see Kanokon being the relaxing watch. Now i just wait for the doujins to appear. Oh and for some madness, this show airs at 10:30am. Yes in the MORNING.

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For all those people who dropped this series, i can say that you totally missed out on one life changing series. Sure you can walk away saying “that was awful so i dropped it”, though i can say “that was awful so i finished it.” We all know who the better one out of the two are.

At the end of the day, there were two awesome parts to this series:

1) How epic it was trying to be each episode. ESPECIALLY in the last episode.
2) Garnet.

Oh yeah, and i hate the power of love.

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