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For all you people who just can’t wait for the official release.

Listened to it a few times, and i loving it more after each listen. Also has a pretty strong Aquarion feel (when Yoko Kanno worked with AKINO).

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CLANNAD the movie


After watching 23 episodes of the TV series by Kyoto Animation, you’re going to feel pretty funny about watching the alternate retelling by Toei Animation straight after. Well, if you’re asking yourself why i found this a lot more more satisfying as a CLANNAD adaptation, then look no further.

The movie is a retelling of Nagisa’s story from the game, meaning no other character scenario interruptions. Personally i’d rather have it that way, especially when you keep in mind how much material is in each characters story. If you’ve seen the TV series then you’ll know it doesn’t work out as well as you’d imagine. Just because this is Nagisa’s story, it doesn’t mean you don’t see the side characters, they’re just side characters. As huge as Nagisa’s story is, i found that they did the best job possible at retelling it within 90 plus minutes. I guess it does help having the TV series as a comparison in this matter, because you’re able to fully enjoy the time spent with her story, especially in the last half hour.


The movie is stunning. You’re about 15 minutes into it, and already you’ve seen a good number of scenery/far away shots, because damn they know how’s it’s done. I’d watch this again just for the visuals alone, the same thing you’d do with a Makoto Shinkai work. It truly does increase the enjoyment factor when you have such outstanding shots — and i’m not just talking about the scenery. Characters designs aren’t as polished and smooth compared to the one’s you’d see in the TV series, though by damn they did such a good job. Some scenes for me even topped that from what i’ve seen in the TV series, example being a stunning shot of Tomoya. The scenery shots are just to good not to share, so here’s a few i especially liked from the movie.





CLANNAD the movie is a must watch. Not only for the people who’ve seen the TV series, but for the one’s who’ve set on avoiding the series for reasons they only know. It’s a beautiful story told in a beautiful way, the true way to tell a story such as this. I love Toei’s AIR movie, though i can’t say as much as this, easily because the AIR TV series for me was complete as can be. The movie was just something on the extra side. But yeah if you haven’t already, please check this out — it has just what you’d expect from CLANNAD, like Dango’s, lol Sunohara and the best Father ever.

Yeah i know most of this blog post are images, though you can’t blame me when you have such a beautiful source to talk about. I’ll leave you with the order that you must check this out, and one outstanding scene.


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This is how Shogi should be played.









Shall update tomorrow with my thoughts regarding the amazing outcome in episode 18, though for now be amazed at the wonderful high animation, and over the top Shogi action.

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Yes that’s right, our prayers have been answered!


Gotta admit, i do love the boxset idea. It goes nicely with the fact that all three seasons have been licensed. I guess all we wait for now is more information regarding the Fourth announced season, and the licensing of the Novels.

So yeah, best news ever.

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I could easily get away with seeing that episode 73 of D.Gray-man is the episode many fans have been waiting for, yes the return of Kanda Yu — the sword wielding tsundere we all love. It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen Kanda, so does his return 100% deliver? Damn right it does.

Since episode 51, this show has been such an enjoyable treat (not to say i wasn’t enjoying it before, it’s just that now it’s all manga material — adaptation done right). So of course since then i’ve been waiting for Kanda’s grand return, and like classic shounen fashion, it pretty much comes out of no where. Nicely done of course at the end of episode 72. So what happens in episode 73 you ask, well you can expect just about everything you’ve seen about Kanda in the past. From his classic “It’s none of my business” attitude, to awesome Kanda in action scenes that deliver like they always have done. Oh and of course, it doesn’t end there — the preview for episode 74 shows that this legendary battle in Edo shall continue. Kanda Vs Tyki is a treat like no other, two of the best male characters from the show going at it while what looks like, Lenalee mindrape. Until then i’ll leave you with a great shot from the preview, and something that ALWAYS has to happen when Kanda is in action. Kanda’s hair is down.


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