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By now i’m pretty sure you’ve all heard the news surrounding ADV, and what will happen to a handful of their soon to be released titles. Well Gurren Lagann was one of them, and the first volume is set to release (this is just going by the release date on a UK site i use, though i’m pretty sure it’s the same on amazon.com), on the 26th February, which is tomorrow. Usually by now the UK sites i order from would have up ‘ready to ship’ where they’re still just saying the release date. I’ve heard from a few people that it’s the same on a selection of American sites.

Things are looking pretty down regarding this release. What do you people think?

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It’s been what, two years? & i’ve finally had the chance to see Margery’s feet. More pretty please with a cherry on top.

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Okay so i haven’t blogged about anything in just other a week, my reason?


Maybe that’s not the only reason, but still the first soundtrack to ef – a tale of memories is one i believe everyone who watched the series should purchase as soon as possible. If you’re a fan of Tenmon, then you’re gonna straight away adore the first soundtrack to the series — call me crazy though i’d probably go as far and say it’s my favorite Tenmon work to date. A lot of that is easily thanks to series, and the musical approach to many scenes, for example one of my favorite tracks titled ‘Early days’ (track 27). It’s first played at the beginning of episode 04, which shows Hiro as a child, and his first encounter with the twins — it’s the kind of Tenmon piece you won’t find in any other of his works, and it’s thanks to the scene that it happened. It’s a very peaceful track, yet actually does deliver the flashback feel that you’re seeing in the scene. Also a nice factor about this soundtrack is the fact that it has all the music played from the first 5/6 episodes, meaning that the second soundtrack (released in April) will include the rest of the score from the series. An approach i wish a lot more soundtracks would take.

Anyway i could go on forever about this soundtrack, but i’ll just leave it at that and tell you to please check out this masterpiece of a soundtrack. Do it because you know deep down it’s the right thing to do.

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Mnemosyne is the new six part OVA series that started to air this past Sunday. If you’re one of the many who have been looking forward to this, then chances are you’ve seen the trailer that was released last year, which did show a good amount of disturbing scenes, together with a nice sci-fi feel to the upcoming series.


Having seen the first episode now, and i can say that is does deliver everything you could have originally thought from the trailer. The story is set in the year 1990 (i bet you didn’t see that one coming), and follows the adventures of Rin (voiced by Mamiko Noto) as she solves cases brought forth to her. The first episodes case wasn’t 100% clear to me (having just watched it raw), though it was enough to make out what was going on — the true side of the first episode was a red haired woman called Sayara (voiced by Rie Tanaka), as she hunts down Rin for reasons i’m not all that sure on, but when you watch these fight scenes, for a few moments you just don’t really care. The opening fight scene is the first time you come across the thought that Rin can not be killed — her arm is blown off by a shotgun, and then falls from the top of a building. Next morning she wakes up in her bed, as if nothing happened. At first you would think that maybe the opening scene was somewhat of a future to come, a scene you’d see later on in the episode, but there are events later in the episode that would throw this thought right out of the window.


Here we are, the ‘fun’ scene which involves nipple twisting, a nice kiss shot and a badly damaged body that makes you believe Sayara is just a little bit obsessed with body piercing. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the scenes that lead upto, and after this (spoilers), though it’s towards the end that the thought you had earlier becomes a lot more solid. Also she does die, it’s that for some reason can come back to life right after the death. Going by certain events in the ED, we should find the reason behind this as the story progresses, and at the same time should play an important part of the series.

Going back to the early 90s setting, and straight away i think about the musical score for this series, composed by Takayuki Negishi. As you can see from his past works, he is a bit of a late 80s/early 80s legend — i haven’t heard much of his works, though believe me that shall be changed in the weeks to come. But yes the music in this captures the 90s setting so perfectly, especially this one BGM used at the half way point centered around Rin preparing herself for a night out (which does have something to do with her mission).


If you’re one of those sci-fi fans, who love a little bit of mythology and a 90s setting, then Mnemosyne is just the show you’ve been waiting for. Also you’re going to find a lot of people who’ll check this out just for ‘that’ scene, though hopefully they’ll find a lot of enjoyment out of it like they should, and carry on watching. Also information i’m sure you’ll want to know, each episode shall air once a month with 6 in total. A shame yes, though 45 minutes each episode is a nice treat — just something that makes the wait all the more enjoyable.

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Want another reason to hate ADV?

This trailer is pretty damn awful, though i can get a few lol kicks out of it, like PIGS HAVE FLOWN, and GIRLS WITH GUNS.

Saying that, i do think it’ll do a good job at getting new viewers interested with the series, though that can still be done watching this trailer without audio. Also, thank the lord we didn’t hear any of the dub voices.

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& it was forced on our male lead, Setsuna.


I don’t know what’s more fun.. the kiss, or Setsuna’s reaction (pushes her away with his fist).

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