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I was going to wait until the sub for episode 17 was released so i won’t be spoiling anyone, though there’s no way i can wait any longer. Two amazing scenes from episode 18’s preview that everyone needs to see.



First we have Gio once again playing a role that doesn’t fit his character at all, the house-wife. Who wants to bet that he will be Toa and Jin’s maid?



Yes the return of the legend, the man many people are watching this series for. Since that scar appeared, i had a feeling he’d return with something completely daft looking to cover it up, and that eyepatch would be the best choice.

Also just so you know, episode 18 shall starts the beginning of the ‘one year later’ arc. Take that how you will i guess.

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Code Geass R2 3rd trailer

New trailer that was posted on the official site.

A few things confirmed since the second trailer:

-The Chinese character is male
-I don’t see Cornelia anyway…

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Cortana said “shiro you need to do another kimiaru post now”

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He also said “this is the shiro pic”

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What were people thinking when they said Rotton the Wizard from Black Lagoon was not awesome?

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That’s right, another G Gundam reference has appeared in the third episode. I have faith now that we’ll see one in each episode.

So much fanservice in this episode, though you don’t see me complaining, especially with how well it goes with the shows humor.

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The second half to episode 15 of CLANNAD easily has some of my favorite comedy scenes from the series to date. From the ever so legendary ‘Sunohara appearing at just about any place you can imagine with a Basketball’, to Nagisa believing Sunohara has a crush on Tomoya. Don’t get me wrong, i loved the Fuuko & Kotomi arc endings, though these are the type of characters who can be in such situations that can make you laugh so much. Speaking of Fuuko, i kinda wish they’d stop with the random Fuuko moments. The first was rather funny, though the second didn’t seem to have any purpose at all. It’s like they added her just for the fun of it.

At the moment we’re not in a character’s arc, though going by Tomoyo’s two scenes in this episode, it looks like her story will be next. I got a great kick out of her saying “Tomoya is quite a cool guy”, it’s that side of her that i can’t wait to see more from. Friendly and cute.

Next episode we’ll be seeing a spot of 3 on 3 Basketball!

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It’s been sometime since Funimation licensed xxxHolic, and in classic Funi style they wait at least a year until they start to release the series. Well, it’s about time this happened, screenshots of the first volume along with the box that’ll house all volumes. Like a lot of their released, they just use the original Japanese covers, so it makes sense that it’s happening again with this release.

First volume cover:


Art box:


I’ve been waiting far to long for at least some kind of information regarding their release, and along with the images is the release date for the first volume — March 25th 2008. I can’t find anything regarding the second volume, though i hope it’ll be a each month release like their past released. I don’t see why it won’t be.

Apart from Gurren Lagann’s R1 release in February, this is the one series i am most looking forward to purchasing. Only a few more months to go.

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Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de (They are my noble Masters) is quite the enjoyable show. It has that crazy sense of humor i love, together with one hell of a wacky cast of characters. Though i must say, what i loved straight away was the return of Domon Kasshu (Seki Tomokazu, who voices the main character Ren), and Master Asia (Akimoto Yousuke, head butler/Colonel) from the almighty Mobile Fighter G Gundam. It’s great to hear the two again in the similar roles, though it was a certain reference in the second episode which completely made this return all the more amazing.


A Mobile Fighter G Gundam reference, that is the Devil Gundam. That’s quite the shocker, though you can’t help but believe they did this because of the two voice actors. I’ll be looking out for more G Gundam references in the future.

Oh yeah, this show also has Hiyama Nobuyuki voicing a butler. Just wonderful.

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Kazuki, the guy who wants to kill Jin for no reason at all now.

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Yes it’s about time, here we have the official Gurren Lagann soundtrack that holds all the music from the series, unlike the past soundtrack release that only had 21 tracks — though going by the track names on this new soundtrack, we’ll be hearing those 21 tracks again.

Also, i’m quite shocked by the release date. February 6th, that’s just around the corner — i was expecting something like two/three months way. I can’t wait for this release.

& you’ve gotta love that cover art.

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