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Episode 09 sees the end of Fuko’s arc. From start until finish it was one beautiful watch. That said, i didn’t expect Fuko’s arc to end on such a happy note — with how the show has been showing more then once, the fact that everyone in time will forget the time they spent with Fuko and in the end forgetting about her (not to mention the preview for this episode last week) — though this episode went ahead and did the complete opposite. You could say they just like to play with our emotions, though i do think this episode wouldn’t have been as powerful if some of the scenes from the last six minutes or so were shown in the preview last week. Heck even thy shown scenes from the mini celebration scene in the drama club room. Speaking of that scene, i was quite surprised with how special that came across. It’s a scene dedicated to the realtionship of the three — everything about it goes to show how close the three have become over the past few weeks, Fuko wanting Tomoya and Nagisa to call each other by their first names and all. Can’t be leaving out Fuko’s adorable ‘kiss on check’ for the both of them.

Everything about the wedding ceremony was spot on perfect. As expected by game players, the song Ana (sung by Lia) was played at the beautiful scene between Fuko, and her elder sister Kouko (first image). I couldn’t (or don’t want to) imagine the scene without Ana, so finally hearing the song at this scene meant a lot. Going by the preview, we can see that it’s Kotomi’s arc that’s up next — a part of the series i’ve been dying to see since the announcement of this CLANNAD anime.


I just wish this could have been the 16:9 version that aired last night, which shall air in three weeks. It’s still pretty much a pain that we have to wait extra to see this show in it’s true form, but i’m pretty much used to the used format now.

Whenever you see a starfish in the future, i hope Fuko will be the one to first appear in your thoughts.

By Shiro


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Thanks to the new autumn season which started back in October, i’m watching around 18 new shows — one of them being the unexpectedly awesome Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun. If you’ve already heard about this show, then i’m guessing it’ll be along the lines of “don’t watch that, it’s all fanservice” or anything regarding the low budget. With all that in mind, each week as i’m firing up a new episode to watch (prepared to sing along to the OP), i find that i’m in one 100% happy mood — i know i’m about to watch that wonderful show which makes my day.

It’s true that i’m Mr. Sunshine, so it was pretty certain that i’d watch this show when first hearing about it back in the summer, though i never expected i’d be enjoying the show at such a high level, with my love for it increasing each week. I guess it’s the shows wacky sense of humor, and it’s characters that have me in this state — from the main character Shungo going against a giant pig (and i mean giant pig), to that lovely small breast tsundere that i love so much, Houjou Reika.

(Reika looking lovely as usual)

The fanservice in Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun can be rather hardcore at times, at parts in the show you’d expect. Then again fanservice does play a part in this show. You could say it plays to much of a big part, though for me it roles in perfectly with the humor of the show. You have wacky completely over the top humor (example), then the fanservice humor — which can be extremely hot to handle at times, which if you didn’t expect already, revolves around Mayu and her large breasts. I can say that it’s the wacky side of the series that i love to see, though 100% of that would make this another whatthehell show, which it isn’t, it just likes to be at times.

I do recommend that people try this one out (if they haven’t already of course). It’s a wonderful watch, and you’re sure to find some enjoyment out of it — me being me enjoys everything about it, and i mean everything. Oh yeah, i can’t forget to mention for training, Shungo has to fight.. wait for it!

Polar bears!

& western horror movie stars.

I love this show far to much.

By Shiro

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We all love Gundam 00


Felt needs to wear hot shorts more often.

By Shiro

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1/100 MG Turn A Gundam

I was quite surprised seeing this beauty last Thursday down in China Town — i’d say this purchase is even more wonderful because i set out that day to buy a new Gunpla to build over the weekend. With Turn A Gundam being one of my favourite shows, it was a pleasure to create that manly mustache mobile suit.

(I was jumping for joy when i first laid eyes on this box.)


This is just how i have the Turn A displayed for now, though i’ll probably take a few more pictures with the Turn A in different poses. I have to show of that lovely GUNDAM HAMMER.

Also to my surprise, the purchase came with one epic bag — one i know all Gundam fan’s are going to love. At the moment i have it standing above my laptop. It’ll probably stay in that position forever.


By Shiro

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By Shiro

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If you remember my post back in June about Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, then you’ll know that the first OVA was released yesterday. Having watched it, i can tell you that the first OVA ended at chapter 115 —116 is the end of volume 15. I was quite surprised that the first OVA ended where it did, i thought it would be the same as volume 15, though i must say that both work just about the same. Though i don’t think they’ll start the second OVA with chapter 116, just like how some parts of the manga were moved around in the First OVA.

Okay so if you’re a fan of Tsubasa Chronicle, then do everything in your power to try and watch this as fast as possible. The animation quality is everything you could ask for (Production I.G) — don’t forget the return of that wonderful musical score by Yuki Kajiura. Some nice new pieces of music, along with tracks i’m sure you’ll remember (if you’ve heard them of course) from the first two seasons.

Oh yeah, i have to point out that Mamoru Miyano who voices Kamiu (from X/1999, another manga by CLAMP), which i seriously did not see coming. Surprisingly it works perfect, and for once i didn’t think of Light Yagami.

By Shiro

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Reading the title to this post and you probably think i’m lying — i wouldn’t be surprised after all the hate Dragonaut has received. Even if i am Mr. Sunshine (that’s my new name instead of the guy who watches everything and loves everything), i can still see how bad this show is, though each week i enjoy what i see, and what i hope to see in future episodes. Anyway, episode seven was the classic ‘pool episode’, which surprisingly didn’t have as much fanservice as you’d think (don’t even tell me you don’t know what i’m on about). As you can see from the image it’s a pretty silly episode, though we do finally have needed character development for a certain character. Who? You’ll just have to watch and find out (it’s not the butler).

This episode will probably just add fuel to the people who call this show silly, but at least promise me that you shall lol at Gio who totally doesn’t belong in this episode — especially when he’s in pool action mode.

By Shiro

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