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Thanks to the CLANNAD Invitation DVD that was released this past week, we don’t have to wait until the series airs to see the OP and ED from the upcoming adaptation.

OP: Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~ (メグメル ~cuckool mix 2007~) by eufonius

ED: Dango Daikazoku (だんご大家族) by Chata

The OP shows of the beautiful animation that we’re used to seeing from Kyoani, so there’s no surprise there. Even the legendary ‘characters along with names’ works yet again. ED’s beautiful — no one can go against that. The OP song is a remix of “Mag Mell” -cuckool mix-, which is already a remix of the novels game OP. ED carries the same tune as “A Tiny Palm”, one of the ending themes from the original novel. Both can be found of the three disc original soundtrack, or you could wait until the single which shall have both new tracks to be released this December.

CLANNAD airs this Thursday, and i can say that this has prepared me even more for what i can see being one epic tale. Now i’ll go back to listening to the novels score none-stop until that day.

By Shiro


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Potemayo special

Just when i thought it was all over i find out that the DVDs for the series shall include special episodes. The first special has Potemayo increasing in size. Something that pretty much anyone watching this series has to have thought about at least once.


A was very impressive with how ‘rude’ this series can actually be…




I’m happy that i have something Potemayo related to look forward to now. I just want the damn soundtrack (not long away now), and second season news.

(I wonder if my next post shall be Potemayo related..)

By Shiro

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Bye bye sweet Potemayo


A number of shows have ended this past weekend (i’ll be talking about Toward the Terra/Zero no Tsukaima II soon), though for now i want to talk about Potemayo. A while back i mentioned just how surprisingly fun this show can be, with its slow, but wonderful humor. Ever since that post, Potemayo has carried its entertaining ways (even if i did watch around six episodes in one go, which i wouldn’t recommend), with an increase of lovely/drama-filled scenes — mostly involving Sunao’s (our main character) Mother Miku, who passed away a few years back. We’re shown flashback scenes with the two together, along with quite possibly the best Father character ever. These scenes are beautifully done, especially when you see how cold Sunao acts around people in the present day, though was so open to his Mother, which is expected. Yet again like i mentioned in the last post, one of the shows strong points is that not everything in this series has to involve Potemayo or Guchuko. Each character has a time to shine — from ‘in love with Mudo’ Kaoru, to evil scary Nene.


The last episode was drama overload, though very much expected after the events of episode 11. It was not only a nice change to the series to see something different, it was a lovely way to end of this series — instead of just the usual brilliant jokes. Another nice side to this show was its musical score, composed by Kikuya Tomoki (who’s only worked on one score in the past, Hidamari Sketch). Straight away you should be able to tell the similarities in both scores, if not then go give both another listen — Potemayo’s soundtrack is released on October 310th. As far as a second season goes, i don’t see any reason why not — you have the fact that there’s plenty of manga material left, which works together with how this one ended (spoilers).


Seriously, if you haven’t checked out Potemayo yet, then please do so. I can say that its not a show for everyone, though you should at least give it a try — just to see how genius/funny and cute this show truly is. Honi honi~

By Shiro

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Gurren Lagann episode 26 can be describe in a few ways — lol Gainax, typical Gainax and oh Gainax. You probably know what i’m on about, even if you haven’t seen this weeks episode.


I really don’t need to say anything else, episode 26 says it all.

By Shiro

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Negima live action trailer

You’ve all probably heard about the live action adaptation of Negima set to air this October, and i know that many people seem to be worried about the idea. Well, now we have a official trailer — this should set things straight.

I’ll admit that some things are looking bad, especially Evangeline and that witch hat, though apart from that i can see myself enjoy it. Takahata looks all kinds of awesome, so i’m happy. I’m looking forward to just what they can do with this.

By Shiro

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Chances are you’ve heard a Shinkichi Mitsumune (光宗信吉) score, and quite frankly i hope you have. His music is quite like nothing i’ve ever heard — always being the perfect choice for the selected series. The beautiful piano pieces are just a taste of the music you’d expect to hear within his wide variety style. I just feel that he’s one of those composers who’s work doesn’t receive the amount of love it should — i mean, its not as if the anime which scores he’s created aren’t that popular, its just that most people aren’t going to say “ah, its a Shinkichi Mitsumune score”, like they would with Yoko Kanno or Yuki Kajiura. Sure i can understand that, though Shinkichi Mitsumune does have the right at being one of those big names.

(For a while i was deciding on which soundtrack cover to use, and Asatte no Houkou’s is probably my favourite one.)

By now you’re probably wondering for what shows as Shinkichi Mitsumune created musical scores for. As mentioned before, his most known works would be FLCL (along with the pillows score), Revolutionary Girl Utena (the non-vocal background music), and the Rozen Maiden franchise. My favourite Mitsumune scores are with the shows people are going to know about, though aren’t everyone’s choice of show to watch. Like Mahou Sensei Negima!, Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, Asatte no Houkou and both Zero no Tsukaima seasons. If you’ve seen at least two of these shows mentioned, then you should be able to make the connection between the two scores, and the type of musical score that Mitsumune creates. One that’s not only beautiful, though fits perfectly with a shows theme. I also find that each score has a sense of relaxation to it. They’re easy listening, may it be along side reading a book (if you like listening to music while reading :3), or just having a nice chill out session on a Sunday afternoon. Its great music, and i’d recommend it to any musical score fan.

By Shiro

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So i take it you’ve all seen episode 25 of Gurren Lagann by now, if not then please do so right this second.


Going into this episode, we knew another death was going to happen — mainly thanks to these weeks episode title, “I Accept Your Dying Wish!”. Also as expected, that death was Kittan. In the past few episodes we’ve seen a number of scenes involving him and Yoko, starting of as a way to point out the obvious Yoko fanservice, and it was expected that these two who eventually grow to be closer as the scenes increased. This episode handled all this perfectly, especially the talk with involved Kamina — so i wasn’t that surprised when Kittan kissed Yoko before leaving. It was quite the beautiful scene, animation wise and a BGM track which rocked me silly. It was a scene that showed us how Kittan felt about Yoko. The feelings were not returned, though Yoko’s hug in return told us that she respected these feelings, knowing what Kittan was about to go and do.


Kittan’s last strike was a spectacular scene. He shown us all just how awesome he can be, in a different way compared to Kamina. By this time the new BGM track reached a whole new level — with added fight the power (which we’ve heard in episodes 14, 16 the summary and the eyecatch scene’s since the time jump), and very dramatic opera music. This carried on playing right through Chouginga Gurren Lagann’s transformation, along with Simon and his new (star fish) shades. I found Kittan GAR moment/straight into transformation to be a very nice feature. Sure its thanks to Kittan that this happened, though it works wonders at preparing you for the next episode. Not to mention how Gunbuster this scene is (especially raising out of the water):


So yet again Gurren Lagann keeps on impressing. Two more episodes to go, and judging from the episode preview, this is going to carry on increasing the awesome meter.

By Shiro

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