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Last night’s Darker than Black episode aired a 14 second commercial for the upcoming second season of Shakugan no Shana.

As you can see in the trailer, Shakugan no Shana II shall take over the Thursday night slot (Code Geass/and now currently Darker than Black), and shall start on October 4th. The trailer shows the returning cast from the first season, along with two new characters from the novel — this makes the wait even more interesting. Very much looking forward to this, and i hope you’re the same.

By Shiro


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Announced along side the airing of episode 22, finally a soundtrack release. Its been a painful wait since the first episode for this, and its good to hear that’ll be released on October 3rd, just before the final episode of the series.

Soundtrack details

As you can see it’ll be two discs. The first one shall hold the OPs, EDs, Insert song and character songs (they all have there own Singles, though this makes it a rather nice collection). Second disc is where we’ll find the musical score for the series — a total of 21 tracks shall appear on the disc. Now, at first i thought there were more then 21 BGM tracks played in the series, though i’ve been rewatching the series as of late, and 21 does sound like the correct amount. I wouldn’t be to surprised if a few BGM tracks are missed.. it always happens.

This has made me day (a 21st birthday day) — i’ll probably write about episode 22 later in the day.

By Shiro

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At Chara Hobby 2007 last week, The seiyuu cast for Mobile Suit Gundam 00 was announced, as well as the some of the cast members making an apperence at the event. Here is the list:

Setsuna F Seiei: Mamoru Miyano
Lockon Stratos: Shinichiro Miki
Allelujah Haptism: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Tieria Erde: Hiroshi Kamiya
Sumeragi Ri Noriega: Youko Honna
Alejandro Corner: Yasunori Matsumoto
Wang Liu Mi: Kei Shindou
Hong Rong: Kenji Takahashi
Lasse Aion: Hiroki Touchi
Felt Grace: Ayahi Takagaki
Christina Sierra: Arise Satou
Lichtendahl Caeli: Masataka Azuma
Haro: Arisa Ogasawara
Billy Katagiri: Yuji Ueda
Graham Acre: Yuuichi Nakamura
Patrick Corlasawar: Kenji Hamada
Saji Crossroad: Miyu Irino
Kinue Crossroad: Aya Endo
Louise Halevy: Chiwa Saitou
Marina Ismail: Ayumi Tsunematsu
Sergei Smirnov: Unshou Ishizuka
Ioria Schuhenberg: Chikao Ohtsuka

So…Light Yagami from Death Note, Allen Schezar from Escaflowne, Youji from Loveless (Oh the irony), and Inugami from Pani Poni Dash! are gonna be the 4 Gundam Meisters. This is both hilarious and awesome. Overall, an A+ cast, and it’s even got CHIWA SAITOU! As always, we will keep you posted as we get closer and closer to the first episode in October. And We only got a little longer to wait.

By Rah-Rah

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After this appeared in last weeks preview, i just knew episode 21 was going to be 100% wonderful Yoko, maybe with something a little extra. Since the first episode this show has delivered everything i’ve always wanted to see in 30 minutes, and of course, its happened again this week.

Images that sum up why this episode wins on oh so many levels:

Sensei arrives


Morning workout

My god Chef Yoko, i need to try her cooking

Follow the sensei~


No talking in class

Yoko saves the day, sunset like the first episode



Welcome back~

GL style

The return of my Yoko

Words can’t sum up this shot

I’m a sucker for side shots, and the moon

You know thats one awesome shot

Shades ❤

Yes Kittan, she’s back!

Oh Yoko, do you know how amazing you truly are?

Viral.. we know you’ve missed Yoko (awesome smile)

Gurren Brigade — back in action!

A Drill that’ll pierce the heavens

I’m sure you know whats happening here

Burning courage (wait ’till you hear whats being said!)

Explosion of power

I’ve got a lot to say about this episode, though the images sum up everything nicely. I’ll probably write about this episode later tonight — enough time for you all to let the awesomeness of this episode sink in.

By Shiro

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一枚 【ひとひら】 (n) petal; flake

Hitohira, the best little show you didn’t watch spring season, is about stage acting.

But not just ANY stage acting. Stage acting with incredibly shy girls who get stage fright introducting themselves to the class. Meet Asai Mugi, alias Mugi-Choco, our wonderfully shy lead girl:

Poor Mugi-Choco can barely manage to whisper 90% of the time, she’s so shy. And embarrassed. She’s always down on herself, she doesn’t have a lot of friends (except for one, Touyama Kayo, who has stuck by her since the early days of junior high school), and she doesn’t really want to join any clubs in high school. She does have one powerful asset, though: when she’s upset enough to overcome her shyness, her voice is powerful.

Enter Ichinose Nono:

She’s the president of the Drama Club Drama Research Society. She used to be part of the Drama Club, but isn’t anymore. Due to a difference of opinion between Nono and Sakaki Mirei, the Drama Club President, she has lamentably left the school’s very popular Drama Club, dragged two hapless, unsuspecting friends away from the Drama Club, and formed her own club, the Drama Research Society.

And now, due to her powerful voice, she’s got her eyes set on Mugi to help them win the contest between the Drama Club and the Drama Research Society–two clubs enter, one club leaves. So, she storms into Mugi’s classroom and demands that she join her club. This leads to that, and Mugi is left with no choice but to sign on.

Cue yuri undertones.

Hitohira is a high school anime, yes; that’s where all the similarities with other shows end. There’s some light humor, but the show is primarily a drama. And it’s a good drama, too; the entire main cast is highly likable, and there are some truly powerful moments. I find myself liking it like a good yuri show, even though I wouldn’t call this outright yuri; it has the aforementioned undertones, but like shows such as Revolutionary Girl Utena and Simoun, which are yuri shows, it creates interesting characters and creates interesting drama between these interesting characters. The show is clearly seinen judging by the designs, but it functions almost like a blend of seinen with shoujo.

I really liked this show; for one, I can identify with Mugi-Choco. She’s basically an exaggerated version of me, but in cute anime girl form. Maybe that contributed a lot to my enjoyment of the anime, but the technical merits of the series put it head and shoulders above a lot of other shows released this year. Admittedly, this year poses a tough challenge towards selecting what the “Show of the Year” will be for a lot of people (not me; I never do those kinds of things anyway), but for anyone wanting a schoolhouse drama about, well, drama, this is sure to take top marks. Give it an episode or two. You might be surprised.

by OGT

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I knew this was going to happen thanks to Newtype Japan spoilers, but wow.. it happened in a very good way.

Link to Yoko-sensei image

I love this show.

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A Wonderful REC


Last night, i was in one of those moods, and felt like rewatching REC. A gem of a series — being nine minutes per episode, and nine episodes in total (with a DVD only episode, pushing it to ten), it makes for a quick marathon session. Even though REC is that short of a series, there’s still plenty of room for this wonderful story to be told.

REC’s main focus is on the two lead characters. Matsumaru Fumihiko, your average 26 year old man, who works in the marketing department of a snack company (this plays a major role in the series) and Onda Aka — an eccentric 20 year old who’s dream is to be a Seiyuu (voice actor). I won’t go into the story itself, though its these two characters that drive the story from start to finish — and by the end you just want to keep seeing more of them each week. Sure this show is an adaptation of the manga, though it takes a lot for a such a short series to make you attached to these characters.


In a whole, REC has many charms which make it such an enjoyable series. Being a SHAFT production makes it a great visual experience — with there traditional color scheme, and wacky eyecatch’s that appear pretty often. It’s probably not just me, but five minutes into the first episode, and you can tell its a SHAFT work. You also have Haneoka Kei, a composer who’s work on a few other SHAFT works (PaniPoni Dash, Negima!?), though this time the music takes a different step then compared to his other SHAFT works — REC relies on its strong drama more then humor, and you need a serious score to match that.

This is also Sakai Kanako’s first lead role — and she plays such a wonderful Aka. Hitting the spot perfectly each time she’s on screen, and making you want to hug her at just about every part in the series. I’m still hoping that we’ll hear much more from here in the coming years (you hear me Japan?), though for now she’s the wonderful voice that brought Aka to life.


If you haven’t seen this series yet, then make sure you do right away. By now you already know its short enough to watch in one night, and hopefully just like me, it’ll leave a very good impression on you — a gem of a series.

By Shiro

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