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More on Gundam 00 staff

From the good people at Gunota Headlines:

The official site’s staff page was updated:
SF advisors – Tomohiro Chiba, Kenji Teraoka
Sound director – Misafumi Mima
Music – Kenji Kawai
Executive producers – Seiji Takeda (Mainichi Broadcasting), Yasuo Miyakawa (Sunrise)
Art design – Nobuhito Sue (Kusanagi)
Setting cooperation – Isaku Okabe
Color design – Akemi Tejima
Art director – Takeshi Satou (Kusanagi)
Producers – Hiro Maruyama (Mainichi Broadcasting), Hiroomi Iketani (Sunrise), Shin Sasaki (Sunrise)

It’s funny that this gets announced the day after me and Shiro are discussing who the composer would be for the series. and what do we see? We see one of the masters leading his talents to one of the most anticipated shows of the fall (And the one I’m looking foward to most at that). It’s also kinda funny cause I’ve been listening to Irresponsible Captain Taylor music lately. We will keep you posted as for news is announced.

By Rah-Rah

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Yeah, you heard me — picture drama episode 9.33 is dress up gender change featuring our favourite students of Ashford Academy. Being a fan of Princess Princess, it makes me smile knowing i’m going to hear Fukuyama Jun in that role once again.

Here are the images:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
(Click both for large version)

– Suzuka is having fun with this, to much fun
– Straight away, Leouch reminded me of Tohru from Princess Princess (if you look, you’ll find the connection)
– Milly is the perfect Bishonen
– Ohmygod Nunnally

Yet another fun-fun picture drama. I’m finding it hard choosing a favourite out of them all — maybe i’m not allowed to.

By Shiro

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I’m pretty sure by now, anyone who’s a fan of Marimite has heard news about the fourth season that was announced last week. Well, just yesterday, the official site for the series was updated with a lovely image celebrating the announcement:

Official site

We have Touko in her hardcore Tsundere mode. That alone makes this a contender for the best poster ever. Oh, can’t be leaving out Yumi, the young lady with so many facial expressions. Still no update if this shall be a TV series, or a collection of OVA’s, like the third series. I hope news on this appears soon.

More Marimite is always welcome, it means more Sei-sama~ ❤

Thanks goes to Shingo, over at Heisei Democracy.

By Shiro

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Today at Otakon, Bandai Entertainment licensed a few shows out of the blue, and one many have been waiting to happen.

Code Geass is the one show many knew would be licensed by Bandi after its first aired episode — and i have to say i’m surprised it wasn’t done sooner. No news on the second season, though that’ll probably happen once or after the series has finished airing on Japanese TV. though wee still have no air date’s for the second season. I do own the Japanese DVD’s, though this is a series i love that much, that R1 DVD’s are a must for my collection.

A very surprising license was Tenpo Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi — the show that was originally set for 52 episodes, but was shorten to 25 due to its low TV ratings, which was a huge shame. Still, i loved this series from start to end — a show that had so much potential to last its original length. Makes me a happy fan to hear about the license, a show that should sell a good amount.

Toward the Terra was another license just waiting to happen. Its got all the write elements to make it sell, especially being an adaptation from a 70’s manga — classic. If you’re finding yourself interested with this series, you should check out my impression of the first four episodes post.

By Shiro

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Our friend pKjd over at moetron has posted an updated trailer for the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie, in theaters september 1st in Japan.

From here, it’s easy to tell of the updated desgins for Shinji and company as well as the Evas (Unit 01 and 00 in particular), as well as the angels. It’s looking really good, and Utada Hikaru’s version of Fly me to The Moon is quite pleasent to the ears. We will keep you updated as more information is realesed. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go watch it agian…

By Rah-Rah

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Carrying on from here, it looks like i have yet another pillow to add to my preorder list. This time its someone very special.

(Source over at amiami)

If you know me, then you know how much of a Yoko fan i am, so this is a must order for me. All i have to do now is wait for a preorder to appear on Hobby Search, and wonder if we’ll be seeing a Nia pillow in the near future.

Thanks goes to Heisei Democracy.

By Shiro

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The first episode of Moetan (series adapated from a set of English language study aid) was a lovely treat, and something i enjoyed a lot. Along the way, a had a lot of random thoughts while i was watching it. (if you’ve seen the first episode, you’ll get all these.)

– “Wow this show has Onosake Masaya playing a bad-arse Magical knight.”

– “I’m in so much love with the school girls uniform design.”

– “I wish i carried around plasters when i was in high school.”

– “Lolicons are going to LOVE THIS SHOW — heck, even i love some of these shots.”

– “Oh wow, the bad-arse Magical knight ends up turning into a duck.”

– “Pastel Ink is my new mahou shoujo hero~!”

– “The ducks a lolicon…”

– “Butt wings are the new ‘in’ thing i take it.”

– “Not only is the duck a lolicon, he’s a hardcore pervert..”

– “Tamura Yukari speaks good English. Ah its so good to hear here again — Sakura & Rika, i love you both~”

After finishing the episode, i had such a strong urge to rewatch Nurse Witch Komugi, Popotan & Ultimate Girls (just so you know, i adore all three of these shows), so i’m guessing the first episode of Moetan left a good mark. Animation does the series justice, beautiful looking that does the suits the show — i hope this keeps up. Comedy level is also worth a mention. Had me laughing out loud a good number of times, from start to finish.

Oh yeah, the main character Ink, is 18 years old — remember she’s in High School!

By Shiro

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Simply amazing. Shame about the low quality footage, though its better then nothing. September needs to hurry up!

By Shiro

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(Click image for link to Hiroyuki’s official site, the author of the manga)

If you didn’t already know, i’m a huge fan of Doujin Work, and have been waiting in anticipation for the anime adaptation that aired today. I haven’t seen the first episode yet, though i couldn’t hold out any longer, and had to post about the first episode: Link to first episode images.

If you read the summary, then i’m pretty sure Comic Party comes to mind. Before you go any further with that thought, remember that Doujin Work is a 4-koma manga (a lot of 4-koma manga adaptations have been happening recently), where as Comic Party started of as a Visual Novel, then two anime series’ & a few manga’s (i recommend them all). Both anime adaptations should flow the same, though thats still to be determined.

Even though i haven’t seen the first episode yet, i still highly recommend the series to everyone — and always remember that Justice is the best male character ever (he’s a “the kind of male character Shiro likes”, according to this man).

I’ll edit this once i’ve seen the first episode, with big screenshots and my opinion, look forward to it!

Edit: First episode flows nicely, though i wasn’t expecting the episode to only last 13 minutes (taking out both the OP & ED). Thinking about it, everything can still be accomplished in the time given for each episode. To give this show the justice it deserves, i’ll write about it after 2/3 episodes — started with a fresh new post. Though until then i leave you with the awesome Justice.


By Shiro

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Source as usual.

Bokurano – Back with manga material for episode 12, and its fun to know the director hates the original work.
Claymore – Enjoying a lot, and like Omo said “seiyuu fest 2007”.
D. Gray-Man – Been dry for a while, though finally picking itself up again. I know for a fact i’ll be checking out the manga once this ends.
Darker then Black – Needs more Elf.
Denno Coil – Paku Romi. ❤
Devil May Cry – Love the little action we get. I’ll stick with it to see what Madhouse can do.
El Cazador de ka Bruja – Taco taco tacos~
Hayate no Gotoku!
Heroic Age – I love this show so much. Lovely Complex – I’m enjoying this far to much, still the LOL series of the season.
Lucky Star – Cousin Yui is here to save the day.
Maria-sama ga Miteru OAV – Last one at the end of the month. I don’t want this to end.. ;_;
NANA – So much drama.
Nodame Cantabile – One episode to go, and they’ve chosen a great time in the story to end it. Huge chance we could get a second season — have my fingers crossed.
sola – One episode to go. Then onto DVD episodes.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – WONDERFUL!
Touka Gettan – I’m gonna love rewatching this in the correct order.
Toward the Terra – Each episode is truly amazing. Helps when you have a epic score & GAR characters. Oh, and sideburns.


Air Gear – Oh my volume 17 is insane.
Bokurano – Chapter 43 this month.
Loveless – Re-reading a few volumes, need more now.
Suzuka – Chapter 155 is the max drama you’ll ever get.
NHK ni Youkoso! – Apart from re-reading the newly released volume 03, i’ve been working my way again through volume 07. Start of volume 08 is <3.

By Shiro

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