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Before i start, i’d just like to apologize about there being no updates from me. I came down with a pretty bad cold over the past week, so i spent most of my time in bed watching a lovely bunch of goodies that arrived at my door. One of them being the newly released first Turn A Gundam set (out of two). I thought it would be a good idea to post some images of the wonderful set.

Box Art


The set features the first 24 episodes out of 50, crossed over six disc’s. Within the box-set, are two fold out boxes, that hold the disc’s. This is where you’ll find new artwork, a lovely treat to all Turn A Gundam fans, who know not a lot of artwork exists for the series. I apologize if some of the next collection of images didn’t come out good enough, i haven’t used a camera since my college days.

First part cover
Turn A on the attack!

Run Sochie run~

Inside first part
If only Loran would wear that hat more.

Laura X Harry Ord, god i love that bee-suit.

Dianna taking care of tired Loran.

When i first heard about the set idea, i never thought i’d be getting this wonderful amount of artwork.

Second part cover

The Borjarnon have arrived to safe the day! (Welcome back Zaku)

Inside second part
Gavane Gooney.. what a guy.

Kihel & Dianna, can you tell them apart?


It also comes with the traditional booklet.


I hope you enjoyed this Turn A Gundam post. Now i go back to watching that wacky Earth vs Moon series.

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The epic battle of the century–well, okay, season–is on, and the gloves are off. It’s epic 70s space opera versus epic 00s space opera. What’s the difference between the two? How do they stack up to each other? Which one will win? Who really cares about this, anyway? Only a true, full-fledged shoubu will prove the answer!



Heroic Age: Long ago, the Golden Tribe created the universe, the stars, and the planets. The other three tribes, the Heroic Tribe, the Silver Tribe, and the Bronze tribe all entered into the new cosmos. The last to enter was humanity, or the Iron Tribe. As a result, humanity is the whipping boy of the universe, and their last hope is to put their faith in the Nodos entrusted to their race, a young man named Age.

Terra e…: Earth has been devastated by overpopulation, and thus, humanity has left the cradle of life to colonize other planets under the watchful eyes of Superior Domination, a sentient artificial intelligence. Centuries later, a race known only as the Mu is emerging in the world’s population, and Superior Domination insists that these Mu be killed. But some of these humans with psychic powers escape, and hatch a plan to return to the Earth–Terra.

Result: Does Heroic Age sound more like fantasy in space to you? It does to me, but there’s nothing wrong with that–most space opera tends to be fantasy in space. Terra e… also sounds like fantasy in space, with all the talk about Mu and psychic powers and whatnot, but it sounds decidedly more…science fiction. As far as plot goes, after seven episodes Terra e… is decidedly more involved and complex than Heroic Age, but it’s also slower paced. Heroic Age is much more simplistic, but it is faster paced and certainly starts with a bang, compared to Terra e…’s dull first episode. The victor is for you to decide, but as for me, I certainly think Terra e… gets the win, just because I like my space opera to be involved and complicated. The more like Legend of Galactic Heroes it is, the better.


Heroic Age: Age is an extremely likeable main character, and has been since he first showed up. His naive simplicity leads not only to lots of laughs but lots of sympathy. Other characters are less fleshed out as of right now, but one of the opposing Nodos characters highly intrigues me. Not many deadly beings cry when reminded about how many civilizations they’ve destroyed. For the “I only watch a show if it has a cute girl in it” there are TWINS: Tayl and Mayl, voiced by Tamura Yukari and Kugimiya Rie respectively. The TWINS are cute as buttons and do things like GET IN PAINT FIGHTS WITH AGE which leads to awesome. Oh, and there’s some queen chick named Deinaira if you like your girls more mature. And that stupidly large-chested spaceship commander, if you’re an inhuman freak of nature.

Terra e…: Jomy, the newly dubbed leader of the Mu expedition to Terra, is still a young man wrestling with himself. His psychic power is so great that he can’t control who reads his thoughts, leading to many humorous moments when the entire crew goes “Ha ha, Jomy, you’re pissed off again, how cute.” Jomy is likeable enough. On the side of Superior Domination, we have Keith, who pals around with Jomy’s childhood friends at the military academy. He is dark and mysterious, but still rather likeable. And I can already sense much drama coming from him palling around with Sam Houston (really, did Takemiya Keiko run out of imagination that day?). Oh yes, the drama. The drama…

Result: Likeable casts all around, at least to me. Heroic Age seems to have the fewest characters with traumatic incidents to overcome or with dark, shadowy pasts, so if that’s your thing, go for it. Terra e… has more complex characters, so I think it gets the win, but as with all complex characters, you’re not necessarily going to like them. [If you’re starting to notice a little bias here, you’re probably right]


Heroic Age: Ship carrying humanity’s last hope, which just happens to be a teenager who can transform into a giant creature that can blow up entire gigantic nests larger than even the ship he’s on with just ONE PUNCH, on the run from an enemy determined to destroy him? That’s pretty epic, if you ask me. The score also has some epic tracks, but not many. However, the angela OP is the single most epic song this season. I love it.

Terra e…: The Mu’s ship takes off to search for Terra in a flurry of lasers and explosions in episode five and the next episode we get…new characters with backstory to explain. The score, however, is full of awesome epic choral singing, and other powerful and epic musical tropes. The OP, although good, isn’t epic in the slightest, but if it was, it would have to fight against gravitation, and that’s just an uphill battle.

Result: While Heroic Age is immediately epic, Terra e… gives off the feeling that it’s going to be epic, but it needs time getting there. Neither have approached Giant Robo levels of sheer epicness, but it’s hard to get more epic than that. That’s beside the point I certainly can see the appeal in Heroic Age‘s immediate epic feel, but Terra e… gets my vote.


Bet you didn’t see that coming.

It’s hard for me to choose a victor in anything, since if I say Terra e…, which I obviously like more than Heroic Age, is better, then the Heroic Age fans will get all up in arms. Heroic Age is cettainly a solid undertaking, however; it’s just that Terra e… is more to my liking. I will certainly be keeping tabs on both these series, and I hope fervently for Heroic Age to drastically improve–the creative mind behind it also created Fafner, and according to ANN won some kind of science fiction prize in Japan for one of his light novels. Anyone that wins a prize for something they’ve written is worth looking into, in my opinion.

If you agree/disagree/want to flame me for thinking that that horrible travesty of a series Terra e… is actually good, drop a comment and I will agree/disagree/flame along with you, because I’m fair-minded like that!


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Thanks to Shingo over at Heisei Democracy, i now know that a Yoko PVC has been planned to go on sale on September 27th. Even better, we also have a sexy huge image of the upcoming PVC.

Its official, i just died.

By Shiro

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As the end credits for the last episode of Iroha were playing, i felt satisfied. In my head i looked back on all the events that have taken place, and the characters that helped make this show so interesting. With that in mind, i feel its my duty to share some of that with you people — to those who want to see this series, but need a little push into doing so. I also plan to write this with the thought in mind of no spoilers — if they were added, i’m sure you’d want to see the series even more, though knowing the key points of the story.

Set in the Bakumatsu era, we follow Akizuki Yojiro, the legendary Eien no Shikaku (Eternal Assassin). Wielding the legendary Getsuruitou (Sword of Lunar Tears), set’s out with the task to seal the supernatural object known as the Lord’s Head. A evil floating head said to appear during times of unrest and revolution, taking control over iconic figures, with the task of creating a new world. Now you’re probably asking yourself how could that last 26 episodes, well — along the way you have conspiracies, revenge, good number of plot twists, a traveling Kabuki troupe & so many awesome male characters that have drove the fangirl world insane.


Throughout the series, you come across many important characters to the story. Sure that makes sense, its set in the Bakumatsu era, so you need characters that’ll drive the story forward from one point to the next, may it be a general, captain, bodyguards and so on. Its these characters that make the journey within the series so enjoyable. They each have detailed backgrounds, that are explained through out the course of the series — some add to the plot twist side of the story which you’d never see coming in a million years. A good example of the great characters you’ll find in Iroha is Kanna Sakyonosuke:


Kanna works as a bodyguard, armed with two pistols. Throughout the series you see that he’s heavily trained with all times of fire weaponry, though always sticking with two pistols as his main weapon. He is half British, half Japanese. His Father was a vice-admiral in the British Navy, and his mother being a former Tayuu in Yoshiwara. After a few sneaking around missions, you come across a flashback scene which shows Kanna’s Mother being taken away from him at a early age. While chasing after the carriage, a rock speeds of the wheel and hits Kanna in the eye — reason behind the eyepatch you can see in the image. Its this scar that shall always stay with Kanna, the day he lost his Mother. From that day on he was treated as a British soldier & trained like one, until he comes across the head of the Kabuki troupe chief, a female who looks just like his Mother. Its a story like this that works its way in the background behind the larger plot story. If you watch the series, you’ll see there are more that work the same way — that make the show enjoyable to watch. I may as well give you another example, the ever so awesome Ibaragi Soutetsu.


Ibaragi Soutetsu is the play writer for the Kabuki troupe, though he’s also the plot-man behind the series, covering up his true intentions at the start of the series. He’s true goal is to create a new world, with the help of the Lord’s Head, looking for the right iconic figure that’ll do the job. He treats the events that take place like a play, he moves the actor’s/actresses’ to play there set out roles. This gives you the opinion that there’s much more to him, that he’s doing all this for a reason, a reason unknown to the viewers, or anyone else in the series. A reason you may or may not find out about — you’ll have to watch the series to find out. Also, i’d just like to add that Ibaragi’s VA, Inoue Kazuhiko does a wonderful Job. I’d say that Ibaragi has the most lines throughout the series, and it helps when you have someone who puts so much soul into the voice, like Inoue did.

Another outstanding part about the series is the Musical score. Sticking to the edo theme, Hideyuki Fukasawa created a spectacular score that not only fits perfectly into the series, it also leaves you with a better impression of the series. The music alone makes this series worth watching, defiantly a part of the series that had me hooked onto the show from the start (that and seeing how fast Akizuki can run — run Akizuki run~).

Iroha may not be a series for everyone, though its most certainly one you should give it a try. If you enjoy an epic journey with some well animated fight scenes, a wonderful cast & a musical score that you’ll never forget, then this is the show for you. Iroha does not disappoint.

By Shiro

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Yes. Oh yes. It’s here.

Dennou Coil – a circle of children has finally aired. I have watched the raw, and, oh, what an awesome show it is.

Brief summary: Asako (at least, that’s what the site says) has just moved into a new city, Daikoku. This is the future, though, and this city, like many cities across Japan (one presumes), is half-real and half-virtual. This is accomplished by people wearing what are called “Dennou Megane”, or, literally, “Computer Glasses”. This gives us the opportunity for some truly amazing (well, to me, anyway) and priceless moments, such as:

That has to be the coolest moment ever. You totally don’t realize the dog’s virtual until the backpack goes right through him.

The Dennou Megane work like so:

They’re pretty cool technology. The feel of this show can best be summed up as very light cyberpunk–it’s not dystopic, like most cyberpunk settings are, but instead, it’s a peaceful, quiet setting. The atmosphere of Dennou Coil is perfect in the first episode. We’re given a slight hint at a possible darker twist early on in the episode, but most of the episode focuses on Asako’s quest to get her dog, Densuke, back from the nether areas of the virtual world.

That slight dark hint is this girl:

who attacks one of the patrolling virtual police, the Q-chan, by throwing hax at them. Literally:

I won’t spoil the rest of the episode for you. Still images don’t do it justice, really. There’s a subbed trailer/promo for the series floating around out there, if you want to see it in action before this episode gets released (the trailer mostly contains animation from episode one)

Overall, even though I watched it raw (I have zero comprehension of Japanese, although I did catch a bit here and there), I was highly entertained by this episode. I’m totally in love with the world concept, the character artwork (the designs are lovely), and just the general feel of the show. The first episode has been a winner, and I have faith that the concept will prove entertaining throughout the whole series, and possibly even becoming a true classic. Stay tuned for further intermittent broadcasts on this show.


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Since the start of Touka Gettan, viewers have had the hard task at understand just what’s going on within the series. You’re thrown right into the story — no character introduction, no nothing. Six episodes in, and you start to understands whats going on. You’re used to the characters and there part in the story, but you’re still watching a show that doesn’t make much sense, thinking is there a reason behind this. Today, some very much needed information was posted on the shows official blog by the creators.

It’s mentioned that Touka Gettan is being aired backwards, meaning the first episode was the last & the last shall be the first. Its also stated that the show shall last 26 episodes — i didn’t think this was going to happen, it seemed more like a 12/13 episode series. At least this means i’m together with the series longer then expected, i for one am very happy with this.

With these two new useful pieces of information, viewers can start to look at this series differently, and start to make out whats going on with the reverse order in mind. Some might not like it, though i find it very interesting, and shall carry on watching with this very needed information in mind.

By Shiro

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I’ve been enjoying LoveCom. Its wacky style of humor makes for a good morning watch — kinda like Bokura ga Ita without the heavy drama. Episode four welcomes a new character, Seiko-chan. A sweet junior who falls madly in-love with our main man Otani. Of course this is just the part of the story where Koizumi understands her true feelings for him, while watching him with a girl, but oh man — they had to add one wonderful twist. Seiko-chan’s male.


What makes Seiko-chan so good is that he’s a 100% trap — meaning that this plot twist appeared out of nowhere. His real name is Seishirou, and has never thought of himself as a boy (believing that god put him in the wrong body). A nice twist that made up some good humor for episode five.


Now i can enjoy LoveCom for the wacky drama that it gives, and at the same time enjoy seeing my new trap of the year (along with Touka from Touka Gettan).

By Shiro

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After the first Dragonball Z OP, Cha-La Head-Cha-La appeared as the fifth ending song, i think its possible of hearing anything our wild memories from the past can remember. With 19 episodes left, i wouldn’t mind knowing what you crazy people wouldn’t mind hearing.

As for me, i’d like Turn A Turn (Turn A Gundam OP), or maybe SoulTaker (The SoulTaker OP). Only time will tell..

By Shiro

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The first episode of Toward the Terra (Terra e…) was a tricky one to watch. I don’t have any knowledge of the original manga (which started in 1977) which the anime is an adaptation of, so i went into the first episode with an open mind, not knowing what was to be expecting from this series.

Review: Jomy, Soldier Blue and the story.

First episode turned out to be pretty interesting. You’re introduced to the main character Jomy. He’s a nice young man, with loving parents (Mother is pretty awesome) and that his Awakening is tomorrow. Awakening is what happens on a child’s 14th birthday — they proceed to take a adulthood exam. If they pass, they become successful adults, and go on to live as one, a tradition in Ataraxia (name of the city) that seems to have been around for a good number of years. Everyone seems to be accustomed to it, without knowing the true reason behind it. Long story short: Jomy finds out the adulthood exam would clean his memory, a mysterious man appears to rescue Jomy, and goes by the name of Solider Blue. This is the same man that appeared in Jomy’s dream at the start of the episode — talking about the future of Mu with a strange woman.


Second and third episode are pretty much focused around Jomy, and learning more about the Mu and the truth about the humans. At the same time the viewers learn much more information about the story. Mu are people with psychological powers. Humans fear them, and want them destroyed. Because of this, Mu that understand there powers live on a airship thats hiding in the clouds, un-noticed by the humans. Jomy doesn’t want to believe any of this, and just wants to go back to Ataraxia. He turns out to be pretty annoying in these two episodes, though at the same time its understandable with what he’s going through. At the end of the third episode, Jomy is raged, flying around out of control — his powers are finally awaken. Soldier Blue sets out to rescue Jomy, even though it would cost him his life.

During the first few episodes, you learn that Soldier Blue’s body is weak. His powers are at a level of over-use, anymore would mean a total burn out. Knowing what would happen. Soldier Blue set out to rescue Jomy, with his mind set only on two things; rescuing Jomy and making him at peace with what he is. To do this, Jomy witnesses Blue’s backstory. It shows how humans reacted to children with strong psychological power, locking them away, testing & then death. Its a painful scene, though its one that’ll make Jomy finally come to grips with the truth. Just what was needed for Jomy’s character change. Episode four ends with Soldier Blue’s last words to his comrades — and leaves Jomy with the title of Soldier. The person who shall lead the Mu.


Impression: Shiro’s thoughts.

I didn’t think i’d end up this impressed after the events in the first episode. As you progress with the show, so does the enjoyment — learning more about the setting, and the characters. Most of all, i’m amazed by Solider Blue: the perfect leader who sets out with whats best for his people. Blue is voiced by Sugita Tomokazu (most known roles are Yuuichi from Kanon and Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). Even though Blue only lasts four episodes, Sugita did a very impressive job at making you believe in his character. Another one of the high points of the show is the music. It also came into play after the first episode, hearing epic chore music for some of the battle scenes, along with a awe loving BGM that played for Soldier Blue’s last scene.


I look forward to see what else this show can deliver, though it’ll be a challenge for the series to top episode four. If you’ve liked what you’ve read, make sure you check out this sci-fi hit, that won’t leave you disappointed.

By Shiro

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