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Welcome back to Hinamizawa!
Since the announcement of a second season to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, fans of the franchise have been wondering just how Studio DEEN plan to handle the sequel. They have plenty of game material to work with, so finishing the story shouldn’t be no problem. Though we were given a nice wonderful update last week to do with the second season.

Various news sites among the web (famitsu, moonphase etc) reported that second season shall air this July, shall be 24 episodes long (same as the first), and will include the following arcs:

* Yakusamashi-hen
* Minagoroshi-hen
* Matsuribayashi-hen

If you’re informed with the games, then you’ll notice straight away that Yakusamashi-hen is not from the games, meaning a brand new arc from Studio DEEN. It is possible that it’ll act as a back-story arc, explaining a few loose ends from the first (there were a few). Also, the official site for the second season has been updated with character designs: Official Site. It may take a few views, though you can tell that more detail has gone into the characters then the first. It also helps looking at the close up versions posted on famitsu. Not sure if its just me, but i see more of the PS2 character design style in the faces. Anyway, its good to see that a bigger budget has appeared for this.

If you’ve had a look at ANN’s page for Kai, you’ll see that the OP & ED are the same to the first. I haven’t heard anything official about this, though i hope its true. Why, or Why Not worked perfectly at ending an episode, together with the wonderful piano piece that played in the preview. As i said, i hope both OP & ED make an appearance in the second season. They’ll be a nice return along with bat swinging Keiichi.

Hopefully with the second season, we’ll get all those questions many people want answering from the first, but until then i look forward to seeing you all in Hinamizawa later this year.

By Shiro

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I didn’t think it was going to happen, though ADV have shown that anything is possible.

Air TV is Kyoto Animation’s adaptation of Key’s visual novel Air, which aired back in 2005. The movie which has also been licensed is Toei’s own version of the story. Let’s just say i’m one very happy man at this point in time, and can not wait for August 14 of this year when the first DVD goes on sale – just in time for my birthday, with the Movie following late 2007. The DVD’s shall look perfect next to my Air TV blu-ray set.

Source from anime on DVD forums.

By Shiro

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Welcome to our Blog!

It’s the year 2007. Evil has started its conquest over the Internet, but one blog stands to fight that evil..


That fight is about to begin!

Anyway, here’s a new wonderful blog for you all to read. It’ll be packed with talks on Anime – past, present and future. Manga recommendations, soundtrack reports and whatever else we feel like mentioning. Also, you better watch out for the OGT attack. He’ll appear now and then when he feels like it.

Look forward to the future!

By Shiro

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