(& i guess Sunrise being the production company behind the show helps.)

Here we have the start of episode 189 of Gintama.


Notice how he looks just like Kai Shiden from the original Mobile Suit Gundam TV Series? This character was also a freelance journalist (which Kai was in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam), and was voiced by Toshi Furukawa, who also voiced Kai in the original series. Also to note, the man this character met up with to talk about the past war was voiced by the Narrator for the original Gundam series, Ichiro Nagai.

Well that’s not all. The story of the past began, and it didn’t take long for this scene to happen.







& we find out at the end that it was the staff that was behind it all. Pure genius Gintama, at it again.


Macross Frontier 2010 calendar

& here we have wonderful pictures from said calendar.

The front cover is decent, and we yet again see how Sheryl’s bust can easily change size.

Sheryl in a kimono is one very lovely sight. Yes Alto you’re also looking good, though this isn’t the first time for you.

This is the first “awwww” image from the calendar. It’s also nice to see more Cathy.

The second “awwww” image. Seriously this is just beautiful. Shame it doesn’t show Klan wedding dress in her macronized form.

A very nice summer piece, though that Alto ball is rather strange and distracting.

I guess Brera had to appear eventually, along with the paper aeroplane.

Such a lovely image, and does a good job at the Christmas theme. Ranka still looks strange with lipstick on, and Michael looks so much like Max with that tuxedo on.

& CDJapan being awesome, added a few magazines to the order. One of them having a brilliant Macross Frontier cover, and features an article on the live performance.

Overall i’d give this calendar a 8/10. I’m pleased with the new images, plus it’s a decent size compared to the calendars i usually get. I’ll be happy spending my time with it for the next year.

Out of all the shows i’m watching from the new season, there hasn’t been one foot shot all week (it’s a disaster). So for weeks like this, i’ll go with whatever image i fancy at the time.

A friend pointed me towards this little number. It’s from the upcoming ShinboxSHAFT show, Dance in the Vampire Bund which airs next month.


I really should get around to checking out the manga before this airs, though for now i’m rather happy with Mina’s feet. One sock on the process of being taken off is quite the powerful technique in my books.


Why didn’t i watch this show sooner?

Yeah i’ve decided to blog again, though only because the large amount of people who keep telling me that i should carry on my weekly feet blog haven’t gotten to me quite a bit. Plus i do admit that it was fun while it lasted, and i’d like to see how long i could make it last. I may talk about a topic that isn’t feet related, though we’ll see if that happens or not.

I finally got around to starting Basquash this morning, and it was quite the nice surprise to see a lovely scene featuring Sela in a outdoor bath. Of course, a shot of her stunning feet was included. I guess it does help that she has pretty nice looking legs as well.


I hope i get to see Miyuki’s feet at one point. Oh, and Coco’s as well.

Youtube link.

I must have had the biggest smile known to man on my face while watching this trailer after the 67th time. Just going by this trailer, and i can see that Shinbo is going in the right direction with the show. It’s definitely looks to be the way it should be done, plus the animation looks to be on top form. Here’s hoping it can stay that way from start until finish.

If you didn’t know already, i just can’t wait for this show.

I marathoned Toshokan Sensou over the past few days, and Shibasaki turned out to be quite the character. I’m glad i was treated to a lovely shot of her feet.


Mmm, tiptoeing.

Sendenman’s blog has been updated with a screenshot from the first episode of Maria†holic — with the anime adaptation planned to air in January.

The image just had to be of Mariya. Just had to be.

Going by this one shot, the animation looks to be pretty solid, along with that rather hot fufufu smile of his. Can’t wait for this show.

Genderless fun in Gundam 00

Let’s talk about the Innovators from Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Second Season. You know the bunch of people with funky colored hair and awesome dress sense who like to sit around on quite possible the best sofa you could ever imagine. The main reason for this post is just so i can mentioned how much i’m liking Revive Revival who appeared quite a bit in this weeks episode (episode 09), and the fact that we have no idea what Revive’s gender is. It’s been heavly rumored that the Innovators are genderless, and that would explain a hell of a lot — gotta love Kouga Yun’s character designs (which are known for being difficult to determine the gender) are at it again!

Here’s quite the cute picture of Revive. I’m gonna have to bug some people to make me a gif of his/her hand movement from this scene.


The title explains it all, this episode was fantastic. Just when i thought i have seen everything possible in the TV series, we get an episode like this in the OVA’s.


It’s not true love until you’re able to say that.

This is the line that really cracked me up.

I rather do like how both Madoka and Hikaru both ended up in a competition to see who could catch the Kyosuke-fish first. It’s a nice little nod at the love triangle side of the series. Also i’ve been saying that Furuya Tohru truly does make Kyosuke all the more awesome, and i believe that even more after hearing him voice a fish.